Cor femení de Granollers The Cor Femení de Granollers (Women’s choir of Granollers) is a collection of voices from the city of Granollers, in the province of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

Like most towns in Catalonia, Granollers, with more than 60,000 inhabitants, has a very strong coral tradition. This cultural tradition has materialised in groups such as the Cor Femení de Granollers, an amateur group of women.

Its aims are:
  • To promote coral music for voci bianche, in this case for adult female voices.
  • To promote the city of Granollers.
  • To train the choir members in the art of music, because although they are amateurs, the group organisation thinks this training is necessary both for personal development of each component and the choir as a whole. They receive free music theory and vocal technique classes with the aim of gradually acquiring an adequate musical education.
Cor femení de Granollers
The Cor Femení de Granollers was founded in 2007 and since then it has performed all sorts of concerts, among which we can highlight its official presentation on May 16th 2009.

The choir has a very wide-ranging repertoire: Traditional Catalan music, music from all over the world (including compositions from Spain, Argentina, African or from the East) and even modern music (sometimes accompanied by a big band).

Since its creation, the choir has been directed by Marc and Marta Dosaiguas; brother and sister. Marc is the principal conductor and Marta the second conductor as well as accompanying pianist. Both have a long career in music and as choir singers. Marc sings in the Orfeó Català, resident choir of the Palau de la Música de Barcelona, and Marta’s superior piano studies were in the ESMUC, the Superior Music School of Catalonia.

The Cor Femení de Granollers is open to any musical suggestions or proposals. To contact the choir, send an e-mail to or phone +34 669 007 509.

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